Michael T. Flannery

Developing Texts a Matter of Trust

As a national expert on living trusts, Michael T. Flannery produced three comprehensive books last year. He co-authored a textbook and teacher’s manual, “The Prudent Investing of Trusts: Causes and Materials,” with Professor Raymond O’Brien of Catholic University Law School. Flannery was sole revision editor for “Living Trusts: Form and Practice,” a detailed exploration of legal issues entailed by living trusts. The publishers were so pleased with his work that he has since signed a long-term contract and will continue his revisions for several years.

Professor Flannery is a regular contributor to LexNexis Expert Commentary, a service of Lexis-Nexis’ Estates, Gifts, and Trust Emerging Issues Library.

During 2009, Professor Flannery wrote five expert commentaries on topics ranging from accounting issues in living trusts to the adoption of adults. He also wrote a number of articles, including “Military Disability Election and the Distribution of Marital Property Upon Divorce,” a paper cited by the Supreme Court of Texas.

Professor Flannery received a B.A. degree from the University of Delaware and a juris doctor degree from Catholic University of America and Columbus School of Law. He began his law career as assistant city solicitor in Philadelphia. Following two years of private practice, Flannery taught at Villanova University School of Law before joining UA Little Rock’s Bowen School in 2003.

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