Dr. Juliana Flinn

Creating New Teaching Methods

Dr. Juliana Flinn’s enthusiasm and creativity distinguish her exceptional instruction. She approaches her syllabi not as a format to be tweaked each semester but as an opportunity to reconsider every aspect of the learning process.

Over the years, this professor of anthropology has developed various grading options for students. This allows each individual to choose a method that plays to the student’s strengths but also requires activity out of his or her comfort zone.

Dr. Flinn utilizes experimental approaches to teaching, such as simulation methods and consensus exercises. She places special emphasis on teaching students how to read scholarly articles analytically and effectively.

Dr. Flinn is known on campus as a tireless advocate for enhanced teaching methods that include interactive course design. “She has a magical way of engaging her students, drawing them to intellectual realizations, and critical and personal understandings,” according to one associate.

She is sponsor of the Anthropology Club, the Nonprofit Leadership Student Association, and the Mark Hartmann Student Fellowship, which she initiated. She also serves as one of three co-directors for the UA Little Rock Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence.

Dr. Flinn received a Ph.D. from Stanford University, an M.P.H. from Columbia University School of Public Health, and an A.B. from
Barnard College.

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