Dr. Julien Mirivel

Teaching Lifelong Lessons

Dr. Julien Mirivel is an outstanding instructor as reflected in his students’ high level of satisfaction in his teaching evaluations. An assistant professor, he has worked to establish sound assessment practices for teaching interpersonal skills and to develop a strong program of research that emphasizes ethical communication.

Dr. Mirivel has developed strong relationships with community organizations to export his knowledge and promote the communication discipline.

Students appreciate the fact the Dr. Mirivel takes time to explain process versus outcome goals and provides perspective from his own life to help students better understand learning approaches, norms, and benchmarks. One student explains: “I have never been in a class that allowed me to grow so much personally. I will take away lifelong lessons.”

Another UA Little Rock student said, “Dr. Mirivel provided an education experience that was unique, enriching, and inspiring. My mind was stretched in each class.” The professor’s students are not just on the university campus. He also provides instruction for employees at Dassault Falcon, focusing on how to ensure two-way communications. The vice president of human resources for that company reports that Dr. Mirival taught their employees how to communicate more effectively.

He received Ph.D. and M.S. degrees from the University of Colorado in Boulder and a B.A. degree from the University of Northern Iowa.

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