Dr. Rolf T. Wigand

Leader in Information Systems Research

Dr. Rolf T. Wigand’s research, called “nothing short of outstanding,” is known world-wide because of his significant contributions to information science, communications, management, policy-related research, and the development of electronic commerce for academic research and the practitioner’s community.

His achievements in the interplay between the dynamics of new information and communication technology and the structural changes in markets, business organization, and public administration impact other disciplines including business and economics, management information systems, and sociology.

A colleague noted, “Professor Wigand has also played a significant leadership role at an international level in the development of future research agenda, as well as mentoring and motivating a large number of junior scholars to ask questions grounded and motivated by theoretical and methodological rigor.”

He has published seven books, seven monographs, and approximately 175 articles and chapters. He has presented more than 200 papers at national and international conferences.

Dr. Wigand, Maulden-Entergy Chair and Distinguished Professor of Information Science and Management, is a member of 17 professional associations and typically serves on the program committees of nearly a dozen conferences each year. He is a member of the Wall Street Journal Opinion Leaders Research Panel and the National Science Foundation Director’s Merit Review Process. He received a Ph.D. from Michigan State University and M.A. and B.B.A. degrees from Texas Tech University.

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