Paula Casey

Unparalleled Commitment to Students

A colleague of Professor Paula Casey says her “combination of broad substantive knowledge, engaging teaching methods, and unparalleled commitment has inspired more than a generation of students to seek and achieve excellence in their professional lives.

She has an extraordinary breadth of knowledge regarding evidence law and litigation. But such knowledge would be useless without an ability to communicate it to novices.”

Leader of the UA Little Rock Trial Team, Casey spends countless hours, including weekends and holidays, working with students on mock trials, making sure they are prepared for competition. One student said, “She consistently challenged us to meet high standards, requiring thorough preparation, hard work, and an approach of constructive criticism . . . but her abundant patience and good humor created a positive learning environment.”

Casey encourages free thinking and brainstorming sessions to work through all the issues that might occur in a trial. Accessibility is one of her best qualities. She is not bothered when students stop by her office with a question; in fact, she seems to encourage it. Perhaps that is why so many UA Little Rock graduates maintain contact with her long after they have left school and are practicing law.

Casey received a J.D. from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and a B.A. degree from East Central Oklahoma University.

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