Dr. Bronwyn MacFarlane

Pinnacle Researcher for Gifted Education

MacFarlaneDr. Bronwyn MacFarlane demonstrated an astonishing display of research productivity sustained over the past five years. In addition to authoring 10 book chapters and 15 articles, Dr. MacFarlane’s research success has been recognized by a number of awards, grants, editorships, and invited presentations. Her research interest is gifted education with broadly defined issues and practices. Dr. MacFarlane’s research appears in the field’s premiere journals and her reviews of research and thinking in gifted education are published in top-tier publications. Further, her collaborations (such as with Joyce VanTassel-Baska) define the pinnacle of leaders and scholars in gifted education.

Dr. MacFarlane’s research interests are founded in the psychology of giftedness, educational practices, policies, leadership, and interdisciplinary education. Her research foci centers upon talent development and strategically measuring interventions to increase talent development among individual learners and groups. These interests can be further delineated in examination of the following areas: talent development processes, educational leadership, program implementation and evaluation, assessment, curriculum design and development, second language literacy, creativity, giftedness across the lifespan (early childhood, social and health psychology, and among elders), and differentiated professional development. Dr. MacFarlane’s research interests are grounded in the elements, which are fundamental to providing high quality interdisciplinary educational experiences to university students. Her research goals operationalize her research interests as is evident with her current scholarship activities in developing an edited book and
several article manuscripts based upon these interests.

Dr. MacFarlane’s degrees include a Ph.D. in educational policy, planning and leadership from the College of William and Mary, a M.Ed. in counseling from Stephens College, and a M.Ed. in curriculum and instruction and a B.S. in secondary education from the University of Missouri.

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