Dr. David Montague

National Leader with Inmate Rehabilitation

MontagueDr. David Montague’s influence in community outreach is his willingness to share his expertise concerning the assassination of President Kennedy. Having worked on the Kennedy Commission, Dr. Montague frequently provides interviews and gives talks on this subject. For example, Dr. Montague served as the keynote speaker for the Los Angeles City College’s JFK 50th Anniversary Week activities.

Dr. Montague also has a wonderful way of bringing his teaching to the community. Working with, and eventually taking over for Dr. Charles Chastain, Dr. Montague has become the key component of the course “Inside Out.” In this course, students are paired with inmates in the Arkansas Department of Correction. Classes are held each week where students can discuss elements of the lives of college and working students and inmates discuss the prison environment. In this exchange, each can learn about the others’ world and can exchange ideas of others’ experiences.

Dr. Montague has also provided great service to the community through his service on boards and commissions in the state. He is the Director of the UA Little Rock Senior Justice Center, which provides services to the elderly and works to prevent elder abuse. He has also served on the Arkansas Department of Community Corrections Reentry Board, which works to provide a successful reintegration of prisoners into the community.

Dr. Montague’s commitment to service also extends to the discipline. He served as the President of the Southwestern Association of Criminal Justice and hosted the annual meeting in Little Rock. Based on the quality of his work for that organization, Dr. Montague was elected to the national Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences as a Regional Trustee.

Dr. Montague’s degrees include a Ph.D. in political science from Howard University, a M.A. in crime in commerce from George Washington University, and a B.A. in political science from Morehouse College.

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