Dr. Kathryn A. King

College of Communication and Social Sciences

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Kathrine KingDr. Kathryn A. King is an assistant professor of anthropology, known for her willingness to help students learn by creating a classroom filled with a socially conscious community of learners.   

King has been praised by students and colleagues for her knowledge of the field, class organization, and student focus. Despite those learners who note the challenges of King’s classwork, they have also commented how much they enjoy her classes and want to take more of them. In student evaluations, the comments and average range of scores show how respected and liked King is as a teacher.

King has also been involved in curriculum development for the Anthropology Department, having created several innovative courses such as Race and Ethnicity, The Anthropology of Death, and Historic Mortuary Archaeology in which students collected data from historic cemeteries across central Arkansas. Students enjoyed Historic Mortuary Archaeology so much that King created a sequel course for it. King has also been involved with curriculum at the university level, as the chair of the Core Area Assessment Committee for Science. CAACs are responsible for core assessment within their area; King and the CAAC as a whole helped provide feedback and improve the core assessment process at UA Little Rock.

King also spends a lot of time outside of the classroom mentoring, advising, and supervising independent study projects with students. She also supervises student research and other special projects such as graduate theses, SURF grants, and honors projects.  

King received a Ph.D. and M.A. in Anthropology from the University of Tennessee, and a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Kentucky.


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