Dr. Linda K. Stauffer

College of Education and Health Professions

Program Coordinator of the Interpreter Education Program and Associate Profess of Interpreter Education

Linda StaufferDr. Linda K. Stauffer is an associate professor of Interpreter Education and program coordinator of the Interpreter Education Program. Stauffer is known for dedication to service and incorporating this dedication into service-learning opportunities in her classroom.

Stauffer’s classroom provides a unique learning environment for her students. She provides a high level of expertise, as well as historical perspective and insights that significantly impact her students’ experiences. Her contributions to a chapter in Signed Language Interpreting in the 21st Century: Foundations and Practice is just one example of the expertise in the field she brings to her students. Stauffer’s effective teaching is evident in her high scores on teaching evaluations and multiple strategies for teaching students through a collaboration with Tulsa Community College. In this partnership, she used distance video technology to provide instruction for both campuses at the same time. She has also relied on an online teaching format to provide students with a flexible learning environment. Finally, her dedication and leadership efforts has helped make the Interpreter Education program at UA Little Rock one of only 13 programs in the nation accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education.

Stauffer received a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Education from the University of Arkansas, an M.Ed. in Deafness Rehabilitation, also from the University of Arkansas, and a bachelor’s degree in Education of the Hearing Impaired from Trenton State College (The College of New Jersey).


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