Ms. Cynthia Johnson

College of Business

Advanced Instructor of Accounting

Cynthia JohnsonCynthia Johnson is an advanced instructor of accounting in the College of Business who has worked tirelessly to connect accounting students with professional organizations and networking opportunities.

Johnson has used her work with professional organizations to benefit UA Little Rock students. She is the faculty sponsor of the school’s Accounting Society organization, which provides professionals in the field with ongoing education and allowed students networking opportunities at the same time. For the past five years, the Accounting Society has hosted a day of professional education seminars for CPA’s every year in which over 100 CPAs participate. The student organization sponsors and hosts the event as a fundraiser, with students developing and coordinating the online registration, designing and printing programs, helping organize speaker presentations, and working the event.

Johnson is also the president of the Ozark Region Chapter of Arkansas CPAs. The chapter had been inactive for several years until Johnson joined in 2014 and worked to revitalize the chapter. The chapter holds several meetings every year and provides CPE for members, networking events for members and local politicians, and scholarship funds for local accounting students. The chapter also annually hosts representatives from the board and office of the Arkansas Society of CPAs. During her time as president, the chapter has awarded $1,000 dollars in scholarships to local accounting students; the chapter will award stipends and scholarships worth $600 dollars this year.

Besides these two examples of public service, Johnson is also the faculty sponsor of Beta Alpha Psi, helps organize the yearly College of Business yearly ethics symposium for professionals, worked with the Arkansas State Board of Public Accountancy to bring board meetings to the UA of Little Rock campus, and coordinated a “Meet the Professional” event at ASU-Mountain Home. She has been dedicated to not only serving our local community, but to also using her service to educate and benefit UA of Little Rock students.

Johnson received an M.S.A. and a bachelor’s degree in accounting, both from the University of Arkansas.


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