Jami Hollingsworth

College of Education and Health Professions

Jami HollingsworthJami Hollingsworth, Senior Instructor in the School of Counseling, Human Performance, and Rehabilitation

  • Ms. Hollingsworth regularly teaches ASL I, II, and III, manually coded English in educational settings, artistic interpreting in educational settings, finger spelling, interpreting for persons who are deaf-blind, and more.
  • Her innovative teaching provides students with immersive learning experiences. Her Service Learning course brings Deaf organizations to the classroom to share specific needs the organization desires assistance to complete. Students teams then gather all the data necessary to complete the desired request by the end of the semester.
  • A former student, who is now an interpreter educator, describes Ms. Hollingsworth as an inspiration in multiple ways: “Her love and devotion, not only for the program and the profession, but for every single student that comes through is inspiring. It was through my experiences around Jami, as a student, that inspired me to want to continue to work with students after I graduated.”
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