Jim Vander Putten

College of Education and Health Professions

Jim Vander PuttenJim Vander Putten, Associate Professor of Higher Education, School of Education

  • Dr. Vander Putten’s recent research focuses on faculty social class backgrounds as well as on subgroups of undergraduate students and their behaviors related to college choice, academic performance, persistence, and graduation.
  • His book chapter, “Educational Experiences of Faculty from Working-Class Backgrounds,” was published in the 2018 Syracuse University Press book, On the Borders of the Academy: Challenges and Strategies for First Generation Graduate Students and Faculty.
  • A forthcoming chapter offers a qualitative analysis of U.S. working-class faculty histories and will be published in a book on international higher education.
  • Dr. Vander Putten uses his skills, knowledge, and experience conducting research to teach doctoral students about the process of conducting educational research. He views his research skills as critical to preparing doctoral-trained graduates who effectively analyze data and use evidence to inform their academic decision-making, generate new knowledge to improve educational practices, and develop solutions to educational problems in higher and postsecondary education in Arkansas.
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