Keith Hudson

College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences

Keith HudsonKeith Hudson, Professor of Chemistry

  • Dr. Hudson serves as director of the Arkansas Space Grant Consortium (ASGC) and Chairperson of the NASA Arkansas Space Grant Consortium Board, which evaluates projects for funding.
  • Almost all of these funds go to UA Little Rock and the 16 other campuses of ASGC for scholarships, fellowships, and faculty awards for research and STEM training projects. Also, quite a bit of funding goes to Arkansas teachers to increase their participation and capabilities in STEM instruction and activities.
  • Dr. Hudson also serves as a National EPSCoR Coalition/Foundation Board member. His involvement includes attending National EPSCoR planning sessions and helping to determine EPSCoR policy.
  • He has been an instrument in guiding the course of national efforts in the public sector and at the universities for the EPSCoR programs. He also visits Capitol Hill on a regular basis to encourage federal legislators in Congress to continue funding for the agency EPSCoR programs at NASA, NSF, DoD, DOE, and others.
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