Nicholas Kahn-Fogel

William H. Bowen School of Law

Nicholas Kahn-FogelNicholas Kahn-Fogel, Associate Professor of Law

  • Professor Kahn-Fogel’s criminal procedure scholarship focuses on the Fourth Amendment and on eyewitness identification law. He aims to offer innovative, theoretically sound solutions to longstanding constitutional debates, particularly highlighting the overlap between ostensibly competing approaches to Fourth Amendment interpretation.
  • His eyewitness identification work has received widespread recognition, including citation by law review articles; numerous legal briefs; the leading treatise on American criminal procedure; and a recent book on DNA exonerations, published by Cambridge University Press.
  • Professor Kahn-Fogel has been recognized internationally for his scholarship pertaining to Africa, and has a forthcoming book chapter in the Handbook of African Law, entitled “African Law and the Rights of Sexual Minorities: Western Universalism and African Resistance”(Muna Ndulo & Cosmas Emeziem, eds., Routledge, 2020).
  • Because the law is always in flux, Professor Kahn-Fogel aims to help students acquire the tools to make effective arguments regarding the resolution of unsettled legal questions and for legal reform, which often requires an understanding of the theoretical foundations of constitutional directives.
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