Faculty Senate Membership, AY 18-19

Elected Members of the Senate, AY18-19
If you have new information or spot errors, please e-mail them to Andrew Wright or Amanda Nolen


Terms ending 2019

Terms ending 2020

College of Arts, Letters, and
(13 seats)
Rosalie Cheatham
Haydar Al-Shukri
Denise LeGrand
Lawrence Smith
Minh Van Nguyen
Stephen Stone
Charles Law


Ed Anson
Laura Barrio-Vilar
Marian Douglas
Jeffrey Condran
Andrew Deiser
Michael Heil
College of Business
(4 seats)
Karen Leonard
Richard Woolridge
John Hendon
Joe Felan
College of Education and Health Professions
(9 seats)
Melissa Reeves
Janet Fletcher
Cliff Franklin
Elizabeth Riley
Jim Grover
Rosalie Otters
Greg Robinson
Amy Sedivy-Benton
Jim Vander Putten
College of Social Sciences and Communications
(8 seats)
Joe Giammo
Julie Flinn
Belinda Blevins-Knabe
Peggy Scranton
Mike Craw
Jim Golden
Joanne Matson
George Jenson
Donaghey College of
Engineering and Information Technology
(5 seats)
Nick Jovanovic
Mike Tramel
Beth McMillan
Michael DeAngelis
Fanny Milanova*
Ottenheimer Library
(1 seat)
Carol Macheak
William H. Bowen
School of Law
(3 seats)
Terrence Cain
Lynn Foster
Anastasia Boles

Ex officio Members (all with vote)

Position Represented
Chancellor Andrew Rogerson
Vice Chancellor and Provost Christina Drale
President, University Assembly Amanda Nolen
Immediate Past President of the Assembly Andrew Wright
President, Staff Senate Angelita Faller
President, Student Government Association Larry Dicus

*Only for the Spring 2019 Semester.