Senate Operations


The UA Little Rock Constitution, Article III, outlines the role of the Faculty Senate:

[The] Faculty Senate shall be, under the Board of Trustees, the legislative and advisory body on educational policies and programs on this campus. The Faculty Senate shall have the right to make recommendations on all matters that concern the educational mission and effectiveness of the University.

The areas of the Faculty Senate’s legislative authority shall include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Admission requirements
  2. Curriculum and courses
  3. Degrees and requirements for degrees
  4. Calendar and schedules
  5. Awards, honors and honorary degrees
  6. Interpretation of its own legislation

In addition. . . the Faculty Senate shall make comments and recommendations on matters of multicampus concern [and . . .] on matters of UALR concern.

For more specific outlining of the functions of the Senate, see Functions of the Faculty Senate under Article III of the Constitution of the University Assembly.

Meetings of the Senate

The Faculty Senate meets once per month, with the schedule, agenda, and meeting location or access for the upcoming meeting available on the Faculty Senate home webpage.
The Senate website contains current agendas, minutes, and actions as well as an archive. All meetings are open to the public. Meeting agendas are distributed no later than seven calendar days before a meeting, via a link on the Faculty Senate home page and through campus listserves. During Fall 2022, all meetings will be virtually by Zoom.

For more specifics on the meetings of the Senate, see Meetings of the Faculty Senate under Article III of the Constitution of the University Assembly.

Deliberative Process

The Senate uses the latest edition (currently 12th) of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR), for its deliberative process. It establishes specific local rules as needed. The goal of RONR is to assure decisions are made in an environment of respect and that all parties are heard.