Dining Committee

Appointed Members of the Dining Committee, AY20-21


Terms ending 2021

Terms ending 2022

Faculty appointed by Committee on Committees
Crystal Rose (CBHHS) Joanne Matson (CHASSE) (Organizer)
Faculty appointed by Committee on Committees

Mike Tramel (DCSTEM) Rosalie Cheatham (CHASSE)

Andy Terry (CBHHS)

Staff members appointed by the Committee on Committees

Ronda Petry Nancy Hyde
Students appointed by the Graduate Student Association (1 year term)

Vacant Vacant
Students appointed by the Student Government Association (1 year term)

Mikail Bolden
Lindsey McFadin


Position Represented (with vote)
VC for Student Affairs (or designee) TBA
VC for Financial Services (or designee) TBA
Student Affairs Staff (or designee) TBA


Ex officio Members (all without vote)
Campus Dining (2 reps)     TBA