Undergraduate Degree Areas and Minors

Health Education and Promotion

This program of study is designed to prepare students as health professionals in community health agencies, health maintenance organizations, as well as business and industry wellness programs. It is also designed to assist the entry-level health educator in taking the National Health Education Credentialing examination. This degree requires a 18 hr. course of study. Total hours 120.  Call our HHPS department for more information 569-3523.

K-12 Health and Physical Education (licensure program)

This emphasis is designed for students who plan to teach K-12 health and physical education, and coach in public schools.  All students must complete program  licensure requirements, Praxis Core 5712, 5722, 5732, Praxis content test 5387, and PLT. This degree is a total of 120 hours. For more information, please contact the School of Counseling, Human Performance, and Rehabilitation (CHPR) at 501.569.3523

Minor programs of studies:

Health and Exercise Science Minor
The minor in Health and Exercise Science is designed for students interested in the areas of exercise and fitness. The majority of the courses are offered online. This minor requires 18 hours. You can choose from the following: HHPS 2330, 3422, 3211, 3302, 3372, 3377, 3401,  3402, 3410, 3412, 4379, and 4384. The majority of these courses are online

Sport Management Minor

The minor in Sport Management is designed for students interested in the areas of sport facility management, sport industry, and sport marketing. This minor requires 18 hours. You can choose from the following: HHPS 2330, 3331, 3332, 3330, 3334, 3335, and HHPS 4399. All of these courses are online.

Health Science Minor (Health Education and Promotion courses) 

The Minor in HHPS is designed for students interested in health education. This minor requires 18 or 19 credit hours which should include the following courses. All courses are online.

  • HHPS 1370 Personal Health
  • HHPS 3401 Nutrition or HHPS 3422 Exercise, Wellness, and Lifestyle or HHPS 3302 Exercise Physiology
  • HHPS 3377 Drug Education K-12 or HHPS 4373 Controversial Issues in Health Education
  • HHPS 4382 Cultural Competencies
  • HHPS 4376 Mental Health Education or HHPS 4371 Health Education Concepts and Applications
  • HHPS 3374 Community Health Agencies or HHPS 4378 Organization and Administration of Health Education Program