Minor in History

A minor in history requires 18 hours. Students must take two of these four courses: HIST 1311, HIST 1312, HIST 2311, HIST 2312. An additional 12 hours of upper-level history courses completes the minor.

HIST 1311 History of Civilization I
Recommended prerequisite: RHET 1311. The history of the world’s significant civilizations from their beginnings to approximately AD 1600: the development of integrated political, social, economic, religious, intellectual, and artistic traditions and institutions within each of those cultures; significant intercultural exchanges. Three credit hours. (ACTS Course Number HIST 1113)

HIST 1312 History of Civilization II
Recommended prerequisite: RHET 1311. The history of the world’s significant civilizations since approximately AD 1600: examination of the persistence of traditional civilizations and the changes in the world order due to the development of modern industrial society, modern science, and the nation state. Three credit hours. (ACTS Course Number HIST 1123)

HIST 2311 U.S. History to 1877
Description, analysis, and explanation of the major political, social, economic and diplomatic events through “Reconstruction.” Special attention is devoted to the cross-cultural development of three civilizations, Native American, European, and African, within the geographical context of the North American continent. Major topics for study include European colonial empires; the American Revolution; the Constitution of 1787; evolution of a national government, federal in system and republican in form; social and economic theories and practices; relationship with foreign governments; and the American Civil War. Three credit hours. (ACTS Course Number HIST 2113)

HIST 2312 U.S. History since 1877
Description, analysis, and explanation of the political, social, economic and diplomatic events to the present time. Special attention is devoted to the forces of Modernity and the impact of cultural pluralism on traditional institutions. Major topics for study include industrialization; agrarianism; labor; immigration; reform movements; total and limited war; economic theory and practice; and the U.S.’s role in world affairs. Three credit hours. (ACTS Course Number HIST 2123)