Location: University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA, November 07-09, 2013

Research Papers from the Proceedings of the 2013 MIT ICIQ

A false positive review indicator for entity resolution systems using Boolean rules (Pullen.D, Wang.P, Talburt.J.R, Wu.N) – Download

A study of the promotion of information sharing through presentation of suppositional context and using a concept of corporate household: case study of Tabio corporation in Japan (Koga.H) – Download

An approach using relational Markov model for estimating and replacing missing categorical data (Cao.J, Diao.X, Xu.Y, Yuan.Z) – Download

An industry comparison of data and information quality priorities and practices (Pierce.E, Davidson.B.N) – Download

Big data quality case study preliminary findings: Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) using the Airborne visible / Infrared imaging spectrometer (AVIRIS) (Becker.D, McMullen.B, King.T.D, Fahsi.A) – Download

Does the organisation size matter? An investigation into IQ effort in accounting information systems adoption (Koronios.A, Manirath.W, Gao.J) – Download

Data profiling challenges in engineering asset management data – Conceptual design for next generation data profiling software (Gao.J, Woodall.P, Koronios.A, Parlikad.A.K) – Download

18K: An implementation of the ISO 8000-1×0 (Caballero.I, Bermejo.I, Gasca.R.M, Parody.L, Piattini.M, López.M.T.G) – Download

Information quality and data governance for eHealth in the Era of Big Data (Su.Y, Dong.C, Lange.M, Zhao.J, Yu.P) – Download

Methods for adjusting expected value of information (EVPI) under situations of data missing not at random(MNAR) (Sessions.V, Perrine.S) – Download

Modeling and simulating the impact of social issues on information quality: Literature review (Williams.T.L, Reilley.J, Becker.D, Syed.H, Redman.T.C, Nodine.W.A Jr., Saha.A, Mehdi.K, Talburt.J.R) – Download

On choosing thresholds for duplicate detection (Draisbach.U, Naumann.F) – Download

Perception of value-added through a visual join operation (Abuhalimeh.A, Pullen.D, Tudoreanu.M.E) – Download

Research on information quality viewed by Praxiology (Gackowski.Z.J) – Download

Semantic-based detection of segment outliers and unusual events for wireless sensor networks (Gao.L, Bruenig.M, Hunter.J) – Download

Show us your pay stub: Income verification in P2P lending (Gelman.I.A, Askira.A.A) – Download

Solution architectures for retaining data quality problems in automatically generated test data (Oberhofer.M, Woodall.P, Borek.A) – Download

Systematic ETL management – Experiences with high-level operators (Albrecht.A, Naumann.F) – Download

The application of the IQMM model to evaluating the science and technology information resource sharing projects in China (Song.L, Zhang.X) – Download

The information value methodology: How average users assess IQ on the web – Preliminary results (Haines.M, Pierce.E.M) – Download

User interaction metadata for improved information traceability (Laine.S, Nieminen.M, Helenius.M) – Download