interdiciplinary studies can cover dance, philosophy, art, and more

Interdisciplinary Studies

A degree in interdisciplinary studies provides not only a solid academic foundation for students but offers unparalleled opportunities to explore more than one discipline. This approach draws on the strengths of multiple fields, making students more well-rounded critical thinkers who are ready for the job market or bigger academic pursuits.

This degree is for the student who is interested in a variety of areas and isn’t content on settling for just one discipline. It’s the best of both worlds – are you interested in art, dance, and music?  What about history, political science, and psychology? Combine your passions and create a degree path that works for you.

UALR offers a BA degree in Interdisciplinary Studies on both the Main Campus (with access both to traditional, face-to-face courses and to online courses) and the eLearning Online Campus.