Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Students at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock have the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. The study of philosophy sharpens critical and analytical skills which allows students to perform better in all of their studies. Philosophy also gives students the means to understand, direct, and guide their studies. To decide the right thing to do, to wonder if a law is just, to critique an article in the newspaper, to ask what you can do to help others or yourself – all of this relates to philosophy.

Why Study Philosophy?

Philosophy offers training in crucial, widely applicable skills, such as problem solving. It is the only major that is focused primarily on thinking skills, therefore it is valuable in a quickly changing job market. Employers repeatedly say that it is far easier to teach employees the content of the field than to teach them skills of thinking critically, presenting clear arguments, identifying essential points, and problem solving. This is just what philosophers do.

B.A. in Philosophy with Law Concentration

If you have an interest in philosophy and a desire to learn about law, you can pursue a bachelor’s degree with a law concentration.  To learn more, check out the curriculum.

This is different from the Early Admittance Law Program which you can read about below.

Early Admittance Law Program

The Early Admittance Law Program (EALP) is designed for highly motivated students of exceptional academic and intellectual ability. It requires a major in Philosophy with an emphasis in legal and moral studies.

This early acceptance program allows students to earn a B.A. and juris doctor (J.D.) in six years of full-time study and grants acceptance into the UA Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law to those students who maintain the required standing in the program and fulfill certain requirements. Learn more about the Early Admittance Law Program.

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