MALS Graduates Unleashed Upon Society! (Spring and Summer 2012)

That’s right folks, we have a fresh crop of graduates setting forth to achieve greatness and leave a lasting mark on our world. We are proud to announce the following graduates of the MALS program: Lauren Beam and Jessica Kokinos.

With concentrations in Rhetoric and Writing and Conflict Mediation, Lauren Beam completed her thesis titled The Hidden Rhetoric in Hollywood’s Closet: An Analysis of the Conflict Over Homosexual Content and Representation, and earned her Masters in Liberal Studies degree in Spring of 2012. In addition to her MALS degree, she has also received a Masters in Education from UALR, as well as certification in Conflict Mediation.

JessicaJessica Kokinos and President Bill Clinton Kokinos, our former Graduate Assistant, whose disciplinary concentrations were in Rhetoric and Writing and Public Administration, has completed her thesis titled Nonprofit Ethos and Identity: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ Websites. She just finished up a summer internship with the Clinton Foundation’s Marketing and Communication Department, and she has recently been hired to a position at the Heifer International headquarters here in Little Rock. Jessica is proof positive that MALS graduates hit the ground running after graduation.

For many of our alums, the MALS program was an integral step in their ongoing education. MALS alum Melvin Beavers is currently pursuing his doctorate in Higher Education Administration at UALR. Interestingly though, he has also found employment opportunities in the private sector and has recently been hired by as their Senior Manager of Rewards, “The company CEO wanted someone with a strong background in rhetoric and communication. A major part of the job is communicating with vendors from diverse cultural backgrounds.”

Samuel Onyegam attended the Thomas M. Cooley Law School from 2009-2011 where he earned the Certificate of Merit in International Law. In 2011 he interned for the Dallas County Public Defenders Office and was licensed to practice law in the state of Texas in 2012. He still volunteers for the Dallas County Public Defenders Office, but recently he was granted clearance and accepted a position with the United States Department of Homeland Security where, “The official scope of my duties at homeland Security includes making decisions that directly impact national security, the economy, and individual lives.”

We also had a chance to catch up with another recent graduate, Justin Anders, for our  Alum Profile. Justin worked in Choral and Orchestral Conducting as his major disciplinary emphasis, and Education as his minor. He is currently the Director of Bands at Harrison Junior High in Harrison, Arkansas. When asked how MALS has impacted his life and career he had this to say, “I believe that my time in the MALS program has had many benefits. I was able to obtain a graduate degree and tailor it to suit my interests and goals. The practical experience I gained while studying conducting has been invaluable, the instruction and advice I received from numerous faculty has been profound, and the courses I chose to compliment my current career has complimented my job and future.” You can read more about Justin Anders’ experience with MALS and his musical career in our Alum Profile here (link to alum profile).
Alumni like Justin Anders, Melvin Beavers and Samuel Onyegam, and our most recent graduates Jessica Kokinos and Lauren Beam, exemplify the potential that an interdisciplinary degree can afford MALS graduates and the diversity of career opportunities that are available.

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