Interdisciplinarity and the Sequoyah Research Center at UALR

MAIS student Ashley Heath wants to share with us the wonderful interdisciplinary research opportunities available at the Sequoyah National Research Center here at UALR. She describes these below. You should definitely check it out!


The Sequoyah National Research Center is the largest assemblage of Native American expression in the world. Our mission, to acquire and preserve the writings and ideas of Native North Americans, is accomplished through collecting the written word and art of Native Americans and creating a research atmosphere that invites indigenous peoples to make the Center an archival home for their creative work.

Our collections include items such as the love letters of Mary Lewellyn Morgan, daughter of Civil War Colonel Gideon Morgan, American stereotypical toys, sports memorabilia depicting stereotypes of Native Americans, the scripts and screenplays of the Five Civilized Tribes Native American Film and Drama winners from the 1960’s-2000’s, Reservation Education Documents, and much much more.

Here are just a few paper topic ideas for disciplinary and interdisciplinary projects:

  • Children and Adolescent literature of Native Americans
  • Mythology of Native Tribes
  • Native American Ledger art
  • Genealogical studies through tribal citizenship records and Intruder documents
  • The representation of Native American stereotypes
  • Lost townships of Arkansas

Email Ashley or contact the SNRC if you are interested in learning more about paper or thesis/project topics using the SNRC collections.

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