MA in Interdisciplinary Studies

As of May 2020, this program is no longer accepting applicants.

The MA in Interdisciplinary Studies provides students and faculty the opportunity to draw on the strengths of multiple fields and engage with ideas across disciplines. Graduate students learn how to synthesize material from a variety of perspectives and how to address complex problems that span disciplines. Each student is able to design a degree with areas of study that are the most relevant to that student. The MAIS degree is as unique as the student who pursues it.

“It has been great to be able to create my own degree that fits my needs. I love being in the program and would highly recommend it to anyone who has more than one subject area they would like to pursue and the initiative to create their own degree.”

Alum Shannon Caldwell studied Rhetoric and Writing and Applied Communication. Shannon is pictured in the photo above during the oral defense of her final project: Communication with the world one person at a time: teachable moments with President Bill Clinton.