Volumes 35.1 – 35.4

Volume 35.3 – Spring 2013

  • The Right of Privacy in Arkansas: A Progressive State– J. Lyn Entrikin
  • Lake View—A Roadmap for Asserting the Rights of the Jailed Mentally Ill– Bettina Brownstein
  • Forward—A Student Symposium on National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius– Joshua M. Silverstein
  • The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: A Constitutional Analysis– David C. Jung
  • Let Them Eat . . . Broccoli?– Josie G. Richardson
  • Avoiding the Unavoidable: The Canon of Constitutional Avoidance as Applied to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act– T.J. Fosko
  • Breaking Down the Supreme Court’s Spending Clause Ruling in NFIB v. Sebelius: A Huge Blow to the Federal Government or a Mere Bump in the Road?– Ellen K. Howard
  • Civil Procedure—Be More Specific: Vague Precedents and the Differing Standards by Which to Apply “Arises Out of or Relates to” in the Test for Specific Personal Jurisdiction – Ryne H. Ballou
  • Constitutional Law—Sixth Amendment—Braving Confrontation: Arkansas’s Progressive Position Regarding Criminal Defendants’ Confrontation Rights at Sentencing– Cassie R. Howell
  • Employment Law—Employment Discrimination—Unnecessarily Duplicative: Has the Sixth Circuit Gone Too Far in Upholding an Employer’s Ability to Require Incumbent Employees to Provide Doctor’s Notes After Taking Sick Leave? Lee v. City of Columbus, Ohio 636 F.3d 245 (6th Cir. 2011).– Thomas H. Wyatt


Volume 35.2 – Winter 2013

  • Consumer Financial Protection and Community Banks– John T. Adams
  • Brady, Arkansas Rule 17.1, and Disclosure of Scientific Evidence and Expert Opinion– J. Thomas Sullivan
  • The Rise and the Demise of the Absolute Dominion Doctrine for Groundwater– Joseph W. Dellapenna
  • Still Fugacious After All These Years: A Sequel to the Basic Primer on Arkansas Oil and Gas Law– Thomas A. Daily and W. Christopher Barrier
  • Solidifying Arkansas’s Liquidated Damage Law After S.O.G.-San Ore-Gardner v. Missouri Pacific Railroad Co.: It’s Not All Water Under the Bridge– David C. Jung
  • Civil Procedure—Property Improvement Claims—A History and Recommendation for Arkansas’s Lone True Statute of Repose– Luke K. Burton


  • Constitutional Law—Second Amendment—Heller, McDonald, and Prohibitions on Concealed Carry in Churches– Joshua West
  • What the Frack? Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Contamination: Solutions for the Fayetteville Shale Play– Erica J. Fitzhugh
  • Health Law—Economic Credentialing of Physicians—The Supreme Court of Arkansas’s Decision in Baptist Health v. Murphyand its Impact on a Hospital’s Ability to Make Credentialing Decisions: What Truly is Best for Patients? – Matthew M. Ford
  • Animal Law—Greed v. Humanity: The Need for Arkansas to Regulate Commercial Breeders and Ban the Retail Sale of Cats and Dogs in Pet Stores and Over the Internet– Lauren Ferris
  • Constitutional Law—Proactive Cell Phone Security Policies in the Workplace: Avoid Liability as Hi-Tech Devices Hack the Fourth Amendment– Abtin Mehdizadegan


Volume 35.1 – Fall 2012

  • Family Law’s Challenge to Religious Liberty– Raymond C. O’Brien
  • Subordinate Bias Liability– Theresa M. Beiner
  • Shifting the Burden: Genuine Disputes and Employment Discrimination Standards of Proof– Barrett S. Moore
  • Criminal Law—Teenage Sexting in Arkansas: How Special Legislation Addressing Sexting Behavior in Minors Can Salvage Arkansas’s Teens’ Futures– Sidney L. Leasure
  • Buying a Lie: The Harms and Deceptions of Ghostwriting– T.J. Fosko
  • Family Law—Egg Donation and Stem Cell Research—Eggs for Sale: The Scrambled State of Legislation in the Human Egg Market– Kitty L. Cone
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