Volumes 37.1 – 37.4

VOLUME 37.4 

Access to Justice


A look at Civil Gideon: Is There a Constitutional Right to Counsel in Certain Civil Cases? – by Justice Jess H. Dickinson

From Market Failure to 100% Access: Toward a Civil Justice Continuum – by John M. Greacen, Amy Dunn Johnson, and Vincent Morris

Justice in the Hinterlands: Arkansas as a Case Study of the Rural Lawyer Shortage and Evidence-Based Solutions to Alleviate It – by Lisa R. Pruitt, J. Cliff McKinney, II, and Bart Calhoun

Bridging the Gap: Rethinking Outreach for Greater Access to Justice – by Rebecca L. Sandefur



Making a Peg in the Hole: A Superior Solution to the Inherent Problems of Incorporated Definitions – by Lindsey P. Gustafson

The Arkansas Supreme Court’s Unconstitutional Power Grab in Arkansas Department of Human Services v. Shelby and the Judiciary’s Authority in Child-Welfare Cases – by Jerald A. Sharum

Bias in Disguise: The Constitutional Problems of Arkansas’s Intrastate Commerce Improvement Act – by John M. A. DiPippa


ENVIRONMENTAL LAW—Regulation of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations—Reducing the Nuisance: How Arkansas Cn Use Its Right-to-Farm Statute to Protect Against the Destructions of CAFOs  – by Kristen Titley

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW—Fifth Amendment and Takings—Courts and the Judicial Process Will Impede Orderly City Development by Limited Local Governments’ Use of Exactions in Development Planning. Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District, 133 S. Ct. 2586 (2013). – by Rebecca L Matlock



Law, Bioethics, and Medical Futility: Defining Patient Rights at the End of Life – by Frederick R. Parker, Jr.

Arbitration Agreements in Arkansas After Conception – by John C. Williams

Egads! Preservation Run Amok: A Call for Change in Arkansas’s Was It Raised? Was It Developed? Was It Ruled ON? Jurisprudence – by Brian G. Brooks

Undercover Investigations and Government Lawyers – by Eric B. Estes


CRIMINAL LAW—Sentencing Juveniles—Where Do We Go From Here? Mandatory Sentencing and Retroactive Application Post-Miller. Miller v. Alabama, 132 S. Ct. 2455 (2012). – by Nikki Morris

PATENT LAW—Bringing Predictability Back with the Intracircuit Split Pronounced in Retractable Technologies, Inc. v. Becton, Dickinson & Co., 653 F.3d 1296 (2011): Claim Construction and Unpredictability Limiting the Patentee’s Rights – by Landon M. Reeves

VOLUME 37.1 

In Memoriam: William H. Bowen Tribute


Dangers in De Facto Parenthood – by Jeffrey A. Parness

Mercenaries, Myrmidons, and Missionaries – by Robert Bejesky


The (Un?)Constitutionality of Compelling Non-Immunized Testimony in Deceptive Trade Practices Investigations Conducted by the Attorney General of the State of Arkansas – by Terrence Cain


CONSTITUTIONAL LAW—Arkansas’s Current Procedural Rulemaking Conundrum: Attempting to Quell the Political Discord – by Sevawn Foster

CRIMINAL LAW—Human Trafficking—Arkansas’s Human Trafficking Laws: Steps in the Right Direction or a False Sense of Accomplishment? – by Mary Ward

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW—Shooting Blanks: Smart Gun Mandates and their Concomitant Constitutional, Regulatory, Public Policy, and Practical Issues – by William F. Godbold, IV

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