MSSC Staff

The Director of Military Student Success is Travis Weigel. The Director’s duties consist of

  • advising military students about career paths,
  • serving on various campus committees representing our students and their needs,
  • working with military bases and local regional, state, and federal entities on the needs of the military students,
  • serving as point of contact for the Military inquiries for UA Little Rock “Major Decisions” recruitment campaign, and
  • resolving various other concerns of our military and Veteran student population.
  • certifying enrollment,
  • verifying grades and academic status,
  • ensuring payment verification of VA educational benefits,
  • performing other duties related to the VA educational benefits certification process, and
  • reporting to local regional, state, and federal entities in regards to VA educational benefits

The Military Program Recruiter and Admissions Counselor position is Jerika Fagen. The Military Program Recruiter and Admissions Counselor’s duties consist of

  • helps military students with general inquiries,
  • establishes and maintains contacts with Little Rock Air Force Base and Camp Robinson personnel,
  • interviews and counsels individuals interested in becoming UA Little Rock students,
  • coordinates recruitment and outreach events, and
  • provides a holistic military student onboarding experience.​