Meetings will be held at least four times an academic year. The President and Board will determine meeting dates.

Annual Meeting

Annual meetings of the Students Affected by Military (SAM) shall be held at the beginning of the Spring semester.

Special Meetings

Elected officers, unless otherwise prescribed by statute or by the Constitution, may call special meetings of the Students Affected by Military, for any purpose.

Place of Meetings

All annual meetings of the Students Affected by Military shall be held at a facility located on University of Arkansas at Little Rock or such place designated by the President in consultation with the other officers. Special meetings of the Students Affected by Military may be held at such time and place within a designated facility at UALR or designated area approved by the President. All meeting places shall be stated in the Notice of Meeting, or in a duly executive Waiver of Notice thereof. All Notices of the Meetings shall be sent to all members of SAM with agenda topics, time, and place of said meeting either by email or hardcopy. Notice shall be provided a minimum of 10 days before said meeting. Business transacted at any meeting of student veterans shall be limited to the purposes stated in the notice.


Each student veteran on record with an Active status membership is entitled to (1) vote in the election process. Voting may be accomplished electronically.


Alumni and Honorary status membership will not be allowed to participate in voting. All opinions and comments may be discussed before voting.


The minimum number of officers needed to conduct business at a Board meeting shall be at least 50% of the Board.