Scholarships Available

*Denotes scholarships available through several departments

Contact Music Department (501) 683-7230 for specific audition/scholarship dates


We want you to audition for the UALR Music Department.  Please contact Dr. Naoki Hakutani to schedule an audition.

•  Lou Austin Scholarship Fund

To provide a music scholarship for a student with a 2.5 GPA or above.

•  Music Scholarship

Talent awards are based on musical ability in an audition setting. Renewal is based on the recommendation of the instructor.

•  Nell Cates Remmel Award

Based on need and ability.

•  George & Stella Smith Scholarship

Awarded to music students with financial need and musical ability.

•  Stella Boyle Smith Scholarship

Awarded to students majoring in stringed instruments, piano, or voice. Talent awards are based on musical ability in an audition setting.

The following scholarships are for declared music majors regardless of instrument or voice or classification (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior).

• Dora and Elly Ellsworth Arts Award/Scholarship

Awarded to a full- or part-time UALR undergraduate music major. Priority will be given to students interested in teacher education. Academic accomplishment and financial need will be considered. Students with desire and evidence of participation in service learning and/or partnership programs sponsored by UALR may also be considered.

•  Eleanor Orts Francis Music Scholarship

The recipients shall be full- or part-time degree seeking students in music. All things being equal, academic accomplishment will be the deciding factor. This scholarship is renewable, provided the students maintain academic excellence.