Piano Studies for Non-Music Majors

Group piano classes meet in the digital piano lab, Fine Arts room 269-D. The lab is equipped with Roland KR-3 digital keyboards and a variety of excellent music technology resources. Students enrolled in piano study at UA Little Rock may practice in the practice rooms, which feature Baldwin upright pianos, on the second floor of the Fine Arts building. A commitment of regular daily practice time, usually a minimum of four hours per week, is expected of anyone enrolled in class piano or private lessons. Practice requirements are specified in your instructor’s syllabus for class piano or private lessons.

If you have any questions about Group Piano Studies at UA Little Rock, please contact Dr. Naoki Hakutani.

Beginner Piano Lessons

All elective students wishing to enroll in piano lessons who do not yet read music (familiarity with time signatures, scales, chords, and key signatures) and have not had at least one year of private piano lessons previously should register for group study in the course MUAP 1150 Piano for Non-Majors. This is a course for beginners and has no prerequisites.

Intermediate/Private Lessons

Private piano lessons, an MUPR class at UA Little Rock, are available for non-beginners. Students who are above the level of beginner may enroll for further study in MUPR private lessons after completing MUAP 1150 if space is available in a professor’s studio. Permission of instructor is required. Non-beginners are those who read music in both treble and bass clef and have had previous training in piano, equivalent to passing Piano for Non-Majors with a B or better. If you need assistance in registering for piano lessons MUPR 1126 or 1226, contact Dr. Naoki Hakutani or Dr. Linda Holzer. Semester credit for piano lessons is earned on the basis of lesson duration. MUPR 1126 is a weekly 30-minute lesson; MUPR 1226 is a weekly 55-minute lesson.