TRIO Students Visit the Nanocenter

Students from the TRIO Summer Science Program visited the Center for Integrative Nanotechnology Sciences (CINS) on Tuesday, June 20th to learn about the size and science behind nanotechnology.
These high school students learned about instrumentation used at CINS with Dr. Fumiya Watanabe – they were able to gain a better understanding of how we are able to see and work with objects at the nanoscale.
Researchers Dr. Shawn Bourdo, Dr. Enkeleda Dervishi, and Dr. Yang Xu, and undergraduate student Brett Clark, gave the group a tour of the new facility and briefed them about ongoing projects; the students were also informed about opportunities to work in the labs and encouraged explore their interests within the science field.
A key element in CINS’s overall vision to promote excellence in research, education, and development is to train and educate young people, who will serve and attract business and industry to Arkansas. The TRIO Summer Science Program is part of the Educational Talent Search Program and provides local students hands-on experiments and lab opportunities, volunteer opportunities, college and career exploration across multiple science disciplines.

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