Science Teachers Visit CINS


Student research opportunities took center stage when CINS was visited by a group of science teachers from Arkansas and the region on Thursday afternoon.

The 23 pre-AP middle school science teachers were on campus for four days as part of the Center for Gifted Education’s Advanced Placement Summer Institute.

The teachers learned about CINS’s instrumentation and capabilities from Dr. Fumiya Watanabe and also toured the new facility. Researchers Dr. Enkeleda Dervishi and Dr. Shawn Bourdo spoke with the group about ongoing opportunities for student researchers, and science fair projects that have originated at the center.

CINS’s focus on education involves a mix of youth programs and internship opportunities for secondary students, including a summer mentorship program for middle and high school students, and a residential Nano Academy, which offers a more intensive program. Students who have taken part in the mentorship and Nano Academy continue to do quite well at science fair competitions and have brought home various regional and international awards.

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