CINS Staff helps at Spark! event

What sparked your passion in science, technology, and math? That was the question at this year’s inaugural Spark! gala event at Little Rock’s Museum of Discovery on October 17. The event gave guests a chance to explore and experience the Museum of Discovery’s interactive exhibits, while contributing to the Museum’s statewide educational outreach programs.

Dr. Alex Biris and Dr. Fumiya Watanabe were on hand at the event to talk about research being done at CINS, and show guests the size of the nanoscale, in relation to the size of a human hair. This was done through a video that “zoomed in” on nanorods that were attached to a hair, using scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. Click here to see the video.

“We have worked with the Museum of Discovery in the past, for Nano Days,” said Dr. Watanabe. “This was different, because it involved adults, and I was impressed with the in-depth questions that they asked.” Attendees were curious about the application of nanomaterials, and the research being done at CINS.

According to Museum of Discovery staff, the event was successful in raising both funds and awareness for the museum. The Spark! event had an attendance of 500, and raised an estimated $115,000.

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