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Internet Safety Month Student Profile: Benjamin Miller

Benjamin Miller
Benjamin Miller

In celebration of Internet Safety Month, UA Little Rock is profiling student researchers working in this area. 

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Benjamin Miller. I am from Cabot, and my major is cybersecurity.

Why did you choose UA Little Rock?

I chose UA Little Rock because of the scholarship opportunities and because I heard good things about the engineering and computer science programs.

What do you find interesting about your major?

I find security interesting. The fact that even a single person can have a huge impact on security is really interesting. I think that penetration testing is an interesting side of the field. Social engineering is a really interesting side of penetration testing because of the fact that it is a people skill in a computer-based field.

What kind of research and projects are you working on at UA Little Rock that are related to internet safety?

I am working at the Cyber Gym. I work on the various workouts that schools use to educate people in cybersecurity.

Since June is Internet Safety Month, do you have any advice for how people can keep themselves safe online?

I would say that not clicking on random links, and checking that people are who they say they are on social media is really important.