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Miller Earns Double Bachelor’s Degrees at UA Little Rock

Remington Miller celebrates her graduation from UA Little Rock.
Remington Miller

Student journalist Remington Miller has made her mark at UA Little Rock, and now she is taking her next step in her career as a journalist.

Miller is graduating May 14 with bachelor’s degrees in English and mass communication with an emphasis in journalism as well as a minor in race and ethnicity.

“I am equal parts terrified and excited about graduating,” Miller said. “I came straight from high school to college, and I also know through UA Little Rock I’ve had so many opportunities and internships and great professors that I will be able to go out into the world and be successful no matter what I do.”

While Miller always planned to major in mass communication, her decision to pursue a second major in English was the first of many unexpected surprises from UA Little Rock.

“I had taken a test and received a score that indicated an aptitude for English,” Miller said. “Professor Kris McAbee emailed me before I started college to see if I was interested in the English program. She helped me pick out classes, find scholarships, and decide if English would work with mass communication. The support I got before I even got to campus is what convinced me that UA Little Rock was a great idea.”

Miller thanked Dr. Tim Edwards and Sonny Rhodes, mass communication professors, as well as English professors Dr. Kris McAbee and Dr. Laura Barrio-Vilar for serving as inspirational professors during her time at UA Little Rock.

“They were phenomenal influences and inspired me to keep learning,” Miller said. “They are highlights of this university and helped to make or break my experience as a student.”

Miller has worked at The Forum, UA Little Rock’s student newspaper, for years, serving as a reporter and entertainment editor. This semester, Miller received a third-place award for review writing from the Arkansas College Media Association.

Last year, Miller was selected for the Arkansas Newspaper Foundation’s (ANF) summer internship program and interned at the Daily Record over the summer. The ANF supports Arkansas newspapers by sponsoring college students to intern at newspapers over the summer to gain real-world journalism experience.

Her time at the Daily Record was followed with an internship at UA Little Rock Public Radio during the fall 2021 semester. Miller now works as a part-time reporter at KUAR.

In addition to her journalism activities, Miller was also a member of the Chancellor’s Leadership Corps, the William G. Cooper Jr. Honors Program in English, and a peer mentor for the Office of Student Retention Initiatives.

As a Little Rock native, Miller is passionate about providing better information to the community where she grew up. After graduation, she aspires to be an investigative reporter in the Little Rock area.

“My advice is to get involved at your university,” Miller said. “That doesn’t just mean join a club and don’t show up. It makes a difference to go and make connections. Take advantage of the resources we have. We have a great food pantry, career closet, and counseling services. These resources are there for you and will go to waste if you don’t use them.”