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Chancellor’s Leadership Corps Prepares for 2022 Mentor Retreat

Chancellor’s Leadership Corps students unload new food items for the Trojan Pantry bought with a $1000 donation from WalMart.
Chancellor's Leadership Corps student unload new food items for the Trojan Food Pantry, bought with a $1,000 donation from Walmart. Photo by Ben Krain.

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock Chancellor’s Leadership Corps (CLC) will hold their annual peer mentor retreat on July 26.

Program coordinators have decided to take the peer mentor retreat in a different direction from 2021’s at the 4H center in Little Rock. Whereas that event was more geared towards team-building exercises and fun activities, this one will focus more deeply on student reflection, brainstorming new ideas for the program, and learning how to be more effective, responsible leaders.

“There will be time for the students to be open and honest with each other about what they think works and doesn’t work in terms of being a peer mentor and getting their mentees to participate in events,” Corrigan Revels, assistant director for student leadership and development, said.

Tiffani Silvey, the CLC student success coach, as well as Kate Richars, the graduate assistant for the program, will be in attendance to ensure things go smoothly. Students who are unable to attend the retreat will be required to complete an online assessment to prove that they’re prepared for the responsibility.

“We need to work on training for the Trojan Food Pantry,” Revels said. “It will be moved to a different location in the fall, so mentors will have to adjust to that. Training needs to be updated for continuing mentors too to accommodate for all the new changes within the program.”

Although extensive, this will not be the mentors’ only training. Unlike previous years, coordinators have decided to implement continuous training throughout the semester so students will have all the tools necessary to succeed.

These transitions are in part due to Tiffani Silvey, who was recently promoted from graduate assistant to CLC student success coach. She graduated from UA Little Rock during the spring 2021 semester with a bachelor’s degree in applied communications and is set to earn her Master of Business Administration degree in Fall 2022.

“Tiffani has helped tremendously so far,” Revels said. “Students need someone they can go to at any time, and I can’t really be that person because I’m so spread out across campus. Tiffani is a continued support. It will be much easier for us to enhance student support, track academic progress, and streamline and work on the pantry. We’ll be able to see more of her position this fall and it’s really exciting.”