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Former HR Professional Graduates from UA Little Rock MBA Program, Begins Student Success Role

Mahesh Thombre
Mahesh Thombre

Mahesh Thombre had long held the goal of acquiring his Master of Business Administration (MBA). This past December, this dream became a reality for Thombre when he graduated from UA Little Rock’s MBA program.

Before beginning his MBA, Thombre had a successful career in human resources (HR), which included serving in the Air Force in India in HR, as well as working as a human resources director in the corporate sector. Thombre was drawn to the field of HR by his empathy for others and desire to empower people to do great things.

“I believe that my internal desire to help people in whatever small way possible is what started me in the field,” said Thombre. “I realized that human connection is at the core of everything we do, and that even with limited resources, we can empower others to achieve impossible feats.”

Thombre, despite having already earned his master’s in personnel management, decided that the next step in his journey was to go back to school and earn his MBA with a concentration in HR. The COVID-19 pandemic provided him with the push he needed to pursue this dream, and Thombre realized that if he kept postponing his dream, he may never achieve it.

“I quit my job to become a full-time student at UA Little Rock,” said Thombre. “It was a difficult choice to make; leaving behind a stable life to become a full-time student was really nerve-wracking. I had moments of self doubt starting this journey. However, with the support and encouragement from the UA Little Rock faculty and staff, I could successfully navigate my academic journey.”

Thombre highlighted the instrumental role that UA Little Rock faculty and staff played in his success. Student Support Services (SSS) and the School of Business were particularly helpful to him as he navigated this new territory.

“I got the full support from the excellent faculty and staff. I would like to especially thank Dr. Mark Funk, Dr. Robert Mitchell, and all other faculties who were so supportive and encouraging of my decision to pursue the MBA program. I would also like to thank Dr. David Montague, Dr. Desarae Nelson, and Marty Mayfield from SSS who were constant support in my studies and work.”

During his time in school, Thombre served as a graduate assistant in SSS at UA Little Rock. Gradually, he came to realize his passion for motivating and encouraging students. Thombre chose to continue his work with SSS and started in his new position of success coordinator in January 2024.

“In SSS, I get to connect with diverse demographics of students which I really like. The program supports first-generation and economically underprivileged students in realizing their dreams of acquiring a university degree,” Thombre said. “While working as a graduate assistant, I realized that I love to interact and motivate students in pursuit of furthering their education.”