Student in the Nonprofit Leadership Studies Minor must complete 300 hours of internship taken as NPLS 4301 and 4302 (for a total of 6 credit hours). This may be completed with one organization or split between two organizations. Internship hours are open to students in senior standing with a 2.0 grade point average. Must have permission of instructor to enroll.

The internship experience is designed to:

  • Provide an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to the world of work
  • Identify certification competencies that need further development
  • Develop valuable contacts in the field
  • Enable participants to assume professional responsibilities and substantive tasks
  • Develop motivation and self-confidence
  • Increase communication and understanding between the academic institutions and community organizations

The student intern will:

  • Apply formally for placement with an organization
  • In conjunction with the faculty internship supervisor, contact an approved agency to secure placement
  • Be on the job for the agreed-upon number of hours
  • Complete all duties and responsibilities, as required in a professional manner
  • Become knowledgeable of pertinent aspects of the host organization’s operations, facilities, functions, and regulations
  • Support the host organization and its staff in any contacts with the public
  • Honor dates and terms as stated in the contract
  • Prepare and submit weekly reports, planning schedules, and activity planning schedules as required by the faculty internship supervisor
  • Arrive on time, make it a point not to leave early, and clear with the field supervisor any necessary deviation from the specified schedule
  • Dress appropriately as expected by the host organization

Nonprofit Leadership Studies Certificate students may also want to take advantage of nonprofit internship opportunities, although this is not required.

Before taking steps to set up your internship, please contact Dr. Anne Williamson, Director, School of Public Affairs, at