General Questions

Where is the School of Nursing located?

UA Little Rock is located at 2801 South University Avenue. The School of Nursing is located on the south end of campus between the eStem High School and the Center for Performing Arts building.

Where do I park when I come for my advising?

There are convenient metered parking lots located near the School of Nursing building. Additionally, students can park in the free lot located in the University Plaza and walk through the breezeway to the Nursing Building.

What degrees does the UA Little Rock School of Nursing offer?

The department offers five programs:

How often do you accept students into the program?

Once per year. The application period is from January 5 to February 28. Accepted students will begin in the summer of the year they are accepted.

If I turn my application in after February 28 is there any chance I can get in the program?

No, not for the current admission cycle. The deadline is February 28 by 5 p.m.

Do you offer an evening or weekend only program?

No. Nursing classes generally meet twice per week (~2.5 hr per day). Clinicals range generally consist of two 6 hour sessions per week.  Some afternoon/evening/weekend clinicals are available but registration is based on classification (ex: freshman, sophomore, etc.) so we cannot guarantee an evening clinical rotation.

Who are the advisors in the Nursing program?

For general questions about the AAS program contact:

Jonathan Hamilton, Academic Counselor

For general questions about the RN to BSN program contact:

Belinda Nix, Academic Counselor

Pre-nursing students enrolled at UA Little Rock contact:

Carolyn Fonville, Academic Counselor
Schedule an Appointment

Because of the volume of applicants, mandatory Pre-Admission Information Sessions are held twice a month.

I heard nursing is a hard major; is that true?

Yes. Nursing requires that you retain content/information from semester to semester, dedicate sufficient time to study and preparation and be able to think critically. Nursing is a combination of art and science, knowledge retention and application. If you do not dedicate sufficient time and effort to study and preparation you will not be successful in nursing.

How many hours will I be in class each semester?

The official answer: Nursing courses are didactic. This means that you have both classroom and clinical time each week. Each clinical credit hour is at a 1:3 ratio so the actual contact hours per week exceed the credit hour allocation. For example, NURS 1410 is a 4-hour course 2 lecture and 2 clinical. This means each week you have two days of lecture and two 6-hour clinical rotations or one 12 hours clinical rotation.

The unofficial answer: You will be immersed in nursing for 2 years. You must be prepared to budget time outside the classroom for nursing. Based on an informal survey of 2012 students in our program, most studied, prepped, practiced or did some sort of nursing-related work outside the classroom and clinical for 12-18 hours per week.

Since I only have nursing courses left to take it looks like I will really be part-time in the program. Is that correct?

Full-time enrollment at UA Little Rock is considered 12 credit hours per semester (fall and spring). If you only have nursing courses you will be enrolled in 7-8 hours of nursing coursework each semester. You may pick up additional BSN general education courses to fulfill your 12 hours.

How much does nursing school cost?

Please review our estimate of costs. Please be aware that some nursing students incur additional costs throughout the program for supplemental equipment, additional immunization documents, and testing materials.

Do I have to apply to UA Little Rock for admission? If I am admitted to UA Little Rock am I admitted to the Nursing program too?

If you are not already admitted to UA Little Rock, you should apply to UA Little Rock and be fully admitted before applying to the School of Nursing. Admission to UA Little Rock and Nursing are two separate processes. If you are admitted to UA Little Rock it does not mean you are admitted to Nursing.

I’ve attended a previous Nursing program and want to attend yours, what will this mean for me?
A student is classified as re-entry if he/she:

  • Completed, failed or withdrew from a nursing course in any nursing program
  • Failed to progress in the UA Little Rock nursing sequence for any reason
  • Declared academic clemency for a semester that includes a nursing course failure or withdrawal
  • Was admitted to the program, confirmed registration for classes but failed to begin classes

If you are classified as a re-entry student by these criteria, you may not re-enter the Nursing program following failure of a Nursing course or other exit from the program.


AAS Program Questions

I sent my transcripts to the UA Little Rock Office of Admission. Do I have to give you another copy for my nursing application?
No. We have recently changed the nursing application process, and applicants no longer need to submit unofficial copies to the School of Nursing.

Do I have to take a test to be admitted to the nursing program?
Currently there is no entrance exam for traditional students. Paramedics must take the Elsevier HESI EMS-ADN Entrance Exam.  LPN’s who are not recent graduates of an approved LPN program and have not worked more than 1000 hours as an LPN in the last 2 years are required to complete the Elsevier HESI LPN-ADN Entrance Exam.

I sent my transcripts to the UA Little Rock Office of Admission and Records. Do I have to give the School of Nursing copies of my transcripts too?

No. We have recently changed the application process, and students no longer need to supply copies of their transcripts to the School of Nursing.

Do I need Anatomy and Physiology: BIOL 1433 OR BIOL 1411 and BIOL 1412 to apply?

Yes. Students need to have successfully completed or be enrolled in 4 credit hours of Anatomy and Physiology at the time of application to the AAS program. A three-hour Anatomy and Physiology course does not meet the Anatomy and Physiology requirement. However, UA Little Rock offers an alternative Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology (BIOL 1433) course that will satisfy the full A&P requirement.

I took my science courses in a different state.  Will those transfer?

The Office of Transfer Student Services reviews all transferred coursework. If the course is equivalent to the required general education course and is transferred from an accredited institution, then credit will be received.

I went to UA Little Rock several years ago and do not have a 2.0 GPA at UA Little Rock. Am I eligible for admission to the nursing program?

No. You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 at UA Little Rock. You can either retake previously failed coursework or take additional coursework to improve your UA Little Rock GPA (these courses must be taken at UA Little Rock). If you have been out of college for two or more years, you may be eligible for academic clemency. Refer to the UA Little Rock Undergraduate Catalog for additional information on criteria for academic clemency.

Does it matter what kind of CPR training/certification I get?

Yes. You should get certified for CPR through the American Heart Association for Health Care Providers.  The UA Little Rock Department of Nursing offers the required CPR training various times throughout the year.

Is it true that you do criminal background checks and drug tests to enter the program? I have a past criminal record but I think it has been expunged from my record. Can I be accepted to the program?

The UA Little Rock School of Nursing will conduct Criminal Background Checks and Drug Screenings on all fully admitted AAS students. You need to verify the status of your record prior to application and review the list of crimes that would prohibit licensure. This listing is available at the Arkansas State Board of Nursing website (subchapter 3 of the Nurse Practice Act).

I would like to get my BSN. Do I still have to declare for AAS?

Yes. All non-RN students start off in the AAS program which is required for licensure. Once you have been confirmed as graduating with an AAS, you may declare BSN and continue with our Bachelor’s program. It is a seamless transition, but you must declare associate first.