General FAQs

Where is the Department of Nursing located?
UALR is located at 2801 South University Avenue. The Department of Nursing is located on the south end of campus near Ross Hall and Admin North. It is a two story brick building with three white columns connecting its sister building Admin North.


What degrees does the UALR Department of Nursing offer?
Associate of Applied Science in Nursing (AAS) that prepares graduates to sit for the NCLEX (RN exam), a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, LPN/Paramedic to RN transition and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing completion degree that enables working RNs and recent associate or diploma graduates to continue their nursing education online.


Do I have to take a test to be admitted to the Nursing program?
No.  UALR Nursing does not require an entrance exam unless you are an LPN who has not practiced in two years OR if you are a paramedic entering our transition program.


Who are the advisors in the Nursing program?
For general academic advising, please contact one of our specialized counselors:

Jon Vickers, Academic Counselor
(501) 569-8070

Belinda White, Academic Counselor
(501) 569-3596

Carolyn Fonville, Academic Counselor
(501) 682-8625

Additionally, full-time faculty who teach in each respective program provide advising for Nursing majors.

I heard Nursing is a hard major, is that true?
Yes. Nursing requires that you retain content/information from semester to semester, dedicate sufficient time to study and preparation and be able to think critically. Nursing is a combination of art and science, knowledge retention and application. If you do not dedicate sufficient time and effort to study and preparation you will not be successful in nursing.


Does the Nursing department need official copies of my transcripts when I apply?
No. We do not need official transcripts, copies of your transcripts are sufficient. The UALR Office of Admissions however, DOES need official copies of your transcripts for admission to the university.

Do I have to apply to UA-Little Rock for admission? If I am admitted to UA-Little Rock am I admitted to the Nursing program too?
You must apply as a general UA-Little Rock student before applying to the Department of Nursing.  To apply to the university visit https://ualr.edu/admissions.  Admission to UALR and Nursing are two separate processes. If you are admitted to UALR it does not mean you are admitted to Nursing, nor does admission to Nursing mean you are admitted to UALR.

Where do I park when I come for my advising?
There are convenient metered parking lots located near the Department of Nursing building. Additionally, students can park in the free lot located in the University Plaza or the parking garage and then ride the Trojan Trolley to the department’s building.