Student to BSN Program Option

The School of Nursing Ladder program is a sequence of courses designed to progress students through all competencies of nursing. Many students choose to pursue this program option, which would allow a first-time freshman to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) within 4 years and have one year of work experience as a registered nurse (RN).

If you are interested in this program option, be sure to attend a pre-admission information session before contacting a pre-nursing advisor.

Year 1 – The Basics

Before you officially apply to the School of Nursing, you must complete some general education courses including English, algebra and science coursework. Please take the time to review our curriculum and admission criteria to ensure you are meeting the application requirements.

Year 2 – Nursing Courses Begin

Once you have been formally accepted into our program, nursing school begins with a series of nursing skills, med-surg, and mental health courses starting in the summer. All of these combine classroom, clinical, and simulation experiences. You will get hands-on experience in our state-of-the-art simulation hospital, located on campus. You will continue to pick up general education courses in addition to your nursing core.

Year 3 – From Student to Nursing Professional

In your third year, you will continue to take advanced nursing courses along with general education classes. These intensive nursing classes cover advanced med-surg, obstetrics, pediatrics, and other content. At the completion of Year 3, you will graduate with an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing (AAS) and will be eligible to apply for the National Licensure Exam (NCLEX-RN) to become a registered nurse (RN).

Year 4 – Nursing Career Begins and Online Degree Completion

The final year of nursing school is completed online to allow students to gain work experience while working as an RN. This fourth year includes 34 credits of upper-level nursing courses that cover topics of leadership, research, ethics, economics, and wellness promotion. They are designed to increase your skills and prepare you for career advancement or graduate school. Upon completion of Year 4, you will graduate from UA Little Rock with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

This is only an example of our students’ possible paths to graduation. Many students transfer with various levels of education. Attend a pre-admission information session to receive an individualized degree plan.

Clinical agencies used for nursing laboratory may require additional criminal background checks, scheduled drug screening, and/or random drug screening for nursing students. Results of agency screening may prohibit participation in a clinical laboratory. Nursing students prohibited from participation in a laboratory at a clinical agency will not be permitted to maintain enrollment in the nursing program.

The School of Nursing at UA Little Rock meets the state education requirements for the Associate of Applied Science and Bachelor of Science in Nursing Registered Nurse license in the state of Arkansas. UA Little Rock has not determined if the School of Nursing meets the state education requirements in any other state, any U.S. territory, or the District of Columbia.