PDC – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will I have access to my course?

As soon as your credit card transaction is approved and a confirmation page appears stating the transaction is complete, you will have access to your course via a direct link and also through the account tab on the home page.

If I signed someone else up through the site when will they have access?

If you submit a form to register someone by purchase order, check, or a budget number, it takes us 1-5 business days to complete the transaction. Once they get the confirmation page that the transaction is complete they will have access to a direct link and in the account tab on the home page.

How will the simulation activities be set up?

You will register for the hybrid course in the listings but once you register you will also be choosing a day to come in to do the simulation portion of the hybrid course. That date will be emailed to you.

How does the virtual reality module work?

You will be asked to come to check out the virtual reality equipment from the simulation lab for use to do the VR modules. Once completed and you turn in the equipment the certificate will be available online.

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