RN to BSN Curriculum and Progression

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is a 120-credit-hour degree that is fully online. This program offers RN graduates of either an associate or diploma program an avenue to pursue a BSN.

The BSN courses cover the areas of health assessment, wellness promotion, economics, research, legalities, leadership, and advocacy. View the Academic Catalog for a full list of required courses, including the 35 hours of core curriculum. Students entering into the BSN Completion Program will have the option of selecting a 12-month or 18-month curriculum plan option.

Required Core Curriculum (35 credits)

Course numbers and requirements are different at each school. Transfer students need to have transcripts reviewed and articulated before registering for courses.

Required AAS in Nursing Courses (33 credits)


  • NURS 1200 Introduction to Nursing: Concepts I
  • NURS 1202 Introduction to Nursing: Concepts II
  • NURS 1505 Adult Nursing I
  • NURS 1410 Adult Nursing II
  • NURS 1420 Mental Health Nursing
  • NURS 2410 Obstetrics & Reproductive Health
  • NURS 2420 Pediatric Nursing
  • NURS 2550 Adult Nursing III
  • NURS 2350 Competency for Entry into Practice

Required Upper-Level Nursing Courses (34 credits)

  • NURS 3220 Health Assessment I
  • NURS 3230 Health Assessment II
  • NURS 3310 Professional Role Development
  • NURS 3420 Wellness Promotion and the Nurse Educator
  • NURS 3430 Health Care Economics
  • NURS 3440 Research and Evidence-Based Practice
  • NURS 3350 Ethics, Legalities, and Advocacy
  • NURS 4415 Nursing Practice: Community Health Needs
  • NURS 4420 Nursing Practice: Leadership and Management
  • NURS 4430 Nursing Practice: Integration of Concepts

One of the following (3 credits):

  • RHET 3316 Writing for the Workplace or
  • RHET 3326 Technical Writing

One of the following (3 credits):

  • PSYC 2310 General Psychological Statistics or
  • PSYC 3335 Statistics and Methods I or
  • SOCI 3381/3181 Social Statistics or
  • STAT 2350 Intro to Statistical Methods

Upper-Level Elective (8 Credits)

Additional Science (4 Credits)

Program Progression

Completion of the BSN program requires a minimum grade of C in all upper-level nursing courses and general education courses. Students who do not successfully complete NURS 3310 may not enroll in additional upper-level nursing courses until a passing grade in NURS 3310 is earned. A minimum UA Little Rock cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 on all work attempted at the university must be maintained.

The program must be completed within three years from the date of initial enrollment in NURS 3310.

We accept students for fall, spring, and summer terms. Both tracks require coursework to be completed in the summer. Students in the 12-month option will take between 11-14 credit hours per semester. The students in the 18-month option typically complete 6-8 credit hours per semester. Please note these do not include any remaining general education courses.

  • Statistics must be completed before taking NURS 3440.
  • Students needing statistics or three or more general education courses are encouraged to choose the 18-month track.
  • Students must have an active & unencumbered RN license to continue to the second semester in the program.

12-Month Track

12 Month Curriculum Plan 1st part of term 2nd part of term
Semester 1 NURS 3220
NURS 3310
NURS 3230
NURS 3420
Semester 2 NURS 3440
NURS 3350
NURS 4415
Semester 3 NURS 3430
NURS 4420
NURS 4430

18-Month Track

18 Month Curriculum Plan 1st part of term 2nd part of term
Semester 1 NURS 3220
NURS 3310
NURS 3230
Semester 2 NURS 3420 NURS 3430
Semester 3 NURS 3440 NURS 3350
Semester 4 NURS 4415 NURS 4420
Semester 5 NURS 4430