BSN Online FAQs

May I enroll as a BSN student even though I am not an RN?

No. The BSN Completion program is only for Registered Nurses or recent graduates from an associate of science degree or diploma program.

Why should I choose UA Little Rock for my BSN completion program?

• UA Little Rock offers a quality BSN program designed to meet your continuing education needs while enabling you to maintain employment. Enrollment can be either full or part-time.
• Courses are designed with you in mind. They are focused on the nurse who is returning to obtain an advanced degree and reflect contemporary issues and trends in health care.
• The online format of the program provides easy access for working nurses.
• You will find faculty accessible and available to help you throughout the program.

In state tuition cost is considerably less than other online completion programs

Where is the Department of Nursing located?

UA Little Rock is located at 2801 South University Avenue. The Department of Nursing is located in the Nursing Building on the south end of campus between Stabler Hall and Ross Hall.  To view a map of campus click here.

What degrees does the UA Little Rock Department of Nursing offer?

The UA Little Rock Department of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing completion degree that enables working RNs and recent associate or diploma graduates to continue their nursing education.  We also have an LPN-RN Transition, and Associate of Applied Science in Nursing for students who do not hold an RN license.

Do I have to take a test to be admitted to the Nursing program?


I heard the BSN is hard, is that true?

Yes. The BSN contains online, upper-level nursing courses designed to give you the knowledge and skills to take your next career step.  However, most students excel in this format despite the higher rigor of the courses.  The BSN is more like a traditional college than your initial licensure program.  Even though you will have some tests, you are more likely to create presentations, respond to discussion questions, write papers and complete projects.

How many times per year do you admit a class?

We admit students year-round with classes starting in spring, summer, and fall.

How do I enroll?

Submit a Department of Nursing BSN application along with transcripts from each separate institution.  Once all documents have been received, an advising appointment can be scheduled to discuss enrollment.  You must also apply to UA Little Rock as a whole at

Is there any sequence to how I have to take the nursing courses?

Yes, BSN students must select either a 12 or 18-month curriculum plan.  Courses are in a set pattern.  Deviation from the established pattern may result in significant breaks in the schedule and ultimately delay graduation.

My nursing advisor and I originally planned that I would finish my degree in a year, but I think I want to take the summer off and graduate in the fall. Do I need to notify anyone?

Yes.  All BSN tracks run through the summer.  Any deviation from the established degree plan must be discussed with the department.  Contact the main office to schedule a phone or in person advisement.

Is it realistic to think that I can complete my upper-level nursing courses in a year?

Yes. Most students will complete the nursing courses within 12 months if they have the majority of the general education courses completed.

What types of upper electives meet 8 credit hour BSN requirement?

Anything that is considered 3000 or 4000 level will meet this requirement.  You will need a total of 45 upper level (3000 or 4000), including 8 UL elective credits to earn your BSN. Review the UA Little Rock course catalog and discuss the election options with your advisor.  Upper-level courses are only available at four-year colleges or universities.

Will my classes transfer to UA Little Rock?

UA Little Rock accepts work in transfer from regionally accredited institutions. Review the Transfer Credit Equivalency Guide to determine whether or not your courses will transfer, as well as, what they will transfer as (i.e. course equivalency). Transfer credits will be evaluated only after a complete application for admission and all required documents including all final transcripts have been received.

When I took A&P the courses were only 3 credits each.  Do I have to retake those courses?

Not necessarily. You must have a total of 121 credits for your BSN and this includes 8 hours of core science that includes a lab.

I work full-time and can only take online courses. Are any of the general education courses offered online?

All general education courses are offered in an online format. The department has arranged for designated on-line sections of Statistics (PSYC 3335) and Writing for the Workplace (RHET 3316, upper level) to be restricted to BSN students.

I work full-time and cannot take time off to go to clinical. Can I still complete this program?

Yes. Some of the required nursing courses include an integrated practice project (IPP). The course work for the IPP’s will include completion of projects, presentations, papers, etc., linked to the focus of the particular courses. Time utilized for development and implementation of assignments is considered IPP hours.

I took a Business Statistics course will this take the place of the BSN statistics course?

We will review the course description for the statistics course and make a determination.

I have already taken PHIL 1310: Introduction to Philosophy but UA Little Rock does not have this course listed as meeting the Humanities core. Will this course count or do I have to take PHIL 2320 Ethics and Society?

Possibly. If you took  PHIL 1310 with a grade of “C” or better at an institution that considers the course as core humanities curriculum then it should transfer to UA Little Rock as meeting the core requirement.  PHIL 1310 taken at UA Little Rock does not count as core humanities. Students needing to satisfy the humanities core requirement at UA Little Rock must take PHIL 2320 or World Lit to satisfy the humanities requirement. Equivalency can be checked using the Arkansas Department of Higher Education Academic Course Transfer System (ACTS at

I was accepted and planned to begin nursing courses in fall, but I need to delay this. Do I have to reapply?

You must submit a notification that you are unable to accept the position. You must submit a letter requesting admission consideration for spring entry. You are not guaranteed a future acceptance into the program.

Who are the advisors for the BSN program?

Belinda Nix, Academic Counselor

I plan on moving out of state in the future.  Can I continue in the program or do I have to reside in the state?

Yes, you may continue in the program regardless of location.  While faculty, staff, and facilities are available here at UA Little Rock for all students, it is not necessary to come to campus at any point.  Please be aware you will need a consistent and quality high-speed internet connection throughout the program.