Advising & Registration time!

It’s time to get advised for Spring 2022 courses! Remember, you will not be able to register for courses without first meeting with an advisor. Registration has already begun!

In Spring 2022, we have face-to-face, “hybrid,” and both “synchronous” and “asynchronous” courses. Asynchronous online courses are courses without scheduled online meetings – sections numbered 99x; synchronous online courses are courses with regularly scheduled online meetings, numbered 9Sx. “Hybrid” courses (sections numbered G0x or H0x) have some face-to-face meetings, but also online content. See descriptions for our Spring course offerings here.

If you’ve been advised in the Philosophy Department before – or if you haven’t, but you know you want to meet with a specific professor – email you professor or click on one of the links below to see their calendar and schedule an appointment (make sure you’re signed into your UALR account before clicking):

If you don’t see a time that works for you on your advisor’s calendar (or if they don’t have time slots set up), you can contact them directly to schedule an appointment. You can also contact Brandy Cochran ( to schedule advising. If this is your first time being advised by our department, email Brandy or Dr. Norton (

If you’ve completed less than 45 credit hours, contact Yvette Palmer at to set up an advising appointment.

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