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Graduate Physics Programs

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock offers graduate programs through the Applied Science Program. Students can pursue a Master of Science in Applied Science or an Applied Science Ph.D. with an Applied Physics Emphasis.

Master of Science in Applied Science

The Master of Science in Applied Science is an interdisciplinary program designed to advance a student’s knowledge beyond the baccalaureate degree and to teach the student how to approach a research project. The degree has a thesis option and a non-thesis coursework option.

Doctorate in Applied Physics

The Applied Science Ph.D. program is an applied, interdisciplinary research program that involves a core of faculty appointed in the School of Physical Sciences. The doctoral program offers an emphasis in Applied Physics. Research options in this emphasis area include astrophysics and materials science. Learn more about the Applied Physics emphasis.

The Applied Physics emphasis is designed to prepare students in cutting-edge research areas in applied physics, materials, Earth sciences, astronomy, and astrophysics that include advanced materials, nanotechnology, photonic devices, applied geophysics, seismology, dark matter and galaxies.

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