Class Attendance and Withdrawal – LR 404.4

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name:  Class Attendance and Withdrawal
Policy Number:  LR 404.4
Effective Date: September 30, 2022
Revised Date: September 30, 2022
Most Recent Review Date:  August 26, 2022


Each course instructor has the prerogative of setting specific attendance requirements for his or her courses. The course attendance policies must be stated in the course syllabus. In some courses, active student participation is an integral part of the course, and the instructor may base a portion of the student’s grades on attendance and participation. In general, students are expected to attend class regularly and complete all assignments and examinations. Students who miss class are responsible for finding out about the material covered, homework assignments, and any announcements or examinations.

Instructors are not required to adjust their class attendance policies nor to provide make-up exams to accommodate personal student travel, family or employment activities. The instructor has the discretion to allow a student to make up work that is missed.

Withdrawing from an Individual Course (Drop Date)
A student can drop a course up to the 5th day of classes through the schedule change process. Dropping a course in this time period will not result in a record of the drop on the student’s transcript. From the 6th day through the 41st day of classes, except as noted below, a student wishing to drop a class submits a request to the Office of Records and Registration. A student cannot withdraw from a course after the 41st day of classes, except as noted below. The cut-off dates in this paragraph refer to the day of classes in a 15-week semester (five days=one week). In shorter semesters the cut-off dates will be adjusted proportionately.

Withdrawal for Non-Attendance, Non-Payment, or Emergency
It is the responsibility of a student not intending to attend a class or classes to withdraw before the 10th day of class (or equivalent date for non-full terms) in order to receive a full 100% tuition adjustment. In some situations, the student may be administratively withdrawn by the university if they have not attended class or not met their payment obligations.

Additionally, students may be withdrawn from a class by the instructor at any time during the semester due to extenuating circumstances, such as medical or family emergencies or excessive absences. Students must be notified that they will be withdrawn from a class, and may appeal that action through the grade appeal process, provided that they file the appeal within five business days of the notice. The withdrawal will not be final until the appeal is completed, and students may continue to participate until the final decision is made.

Student and Administrative withdrawals are subject to the tuition adjustment schedule established in Policy LR 303.3 and available each term on the Bursar’s website under refunds.

Withdrawal from the University
Students voluntarily withdrawing from UA Little Rock must complete the University Withdrawal Form and have an exit interview with a staff member in the office responsible for financial aid if the student is receiving financial aid. The last day to officially withdraw from the university without a grade penalty will be set by the Registrar.

Citation and Modification
This policy must be cited in any curricular documents that excerpt it (such as the Undergraduate Catalog) and the Faculty Senate Executive Committee (or their designee) should review those documents before they are finalized. Wherever there is a substantive conflict between the document which quotes this policy and this policy, this policy shall be followed.
The Policy can be modified through legislative action of the Faculty Senate (see Article III of the Constitution of the Assembly of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock).

Source:  Faculty Senate Minutes (8/26/2022; 4/21/2017; 10/23/2015; 5/1/2015; 3/30/2012; 2/6/1998; 12/1/1988; 4/2/1986)
Status:  Active
Approved By:  Chancellor
Originator:  Faculty Senate
Custodian:  Faculty Senate