University Website Redesign Update – Nov. 2022

Dear Campus Community,

Here is an update on the progress the Office of Communications and Marketing is making toward the redesigned university website.

Improved Way to Login to WordPress

We are excited to share information about an improved login experience for WordPress editors. WordPress has been one of the last remaining university applications to require the original NetID (ex. abc12) to login. It was our goal with the redesign to move toward a single sign-on experience so that employees and students could use the same login process that is currently used to access multiple applications, such as Workday, Blackboard, and others.

We will launch this single sign-on process very soon and all WordPress editors will receive an email with directions on how to login using their university email as their username.

Website Content Audits

The website includes nearly 200 sites and more than 7,000 published pages. We continue to work with departments to audit and update their website content. To help support departments, we are now scheduling meetings with editors to expedite the audit process and determine what edits are needed. Learn more about the content audit process and how you can get started.

Content Audit Results

After a site’s content has been updated and enough time has passed, we look at the Google analytics to ensure the changes were effective. While there are many factors that impact website traffic, streamlining and standardizing content plays an important part in that process. Here are some of the positive results for a few recently updated sites. These stats compare the same time frame in 2021 and 2022.

School of Business:

Visitors to – up 35%

Visitors to – up 80%

Visitors to – up 60%

Applied Communication:

Visitors to – up 20%

Visitors to – up 14%

School of Counseling, Human Performance, & Rehabilitation:

Visitors to – up 235%

We know how important the website is in helping people learn more about UA Little Rock, and we are appreciative to the many faculty and staff who have been working with us on their content audits.

As we move through Phase 2 of the website work, we are continuing to work on the website site architecture and how the website will be organized. As we continue that process, there will be opportunities for you to offer feedback on various plans and we will share more about these opportunities later.

We appreciate your support during this process. The university redesign site has additional information about how to get started reviewing your site. Our Project Blog also includes some helpful tips and updates.

Thank you and Go Trojans!
Meaghan Milliorn

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