Emergency Management Definitions

Emergency Event:
One that can cause deaths or significant injuries to faculty, staff, students, or the public; or that can shut down the business, disrupt operations, cause physical or environmental damage; or that can threaten the institution’s financial standing or public image.
Emergency Unit:
A unit that is properly trained and equipped to handle the emergency for which it is called. The unit provides, on a 24-hour basis, immediate response in order to bring the emergency situation under control. Emergency Units are identified as:

  • UA Little Rock Police Department
  • UA Little Rock Facilities Management
  • Little Rock Police Department
  • Little Rock Fire Department
  • Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department
  • Arkansas State Police
  • MEMS
Resource Unit:
A unit that provides assistance to the emergency unit in the form of information, expertise, and/or procurement of materials and services. The unit may or may not respond immediately to an emergency site. Resource Units are identified as:

  • FBI/Anti-Terrorism Task Force
  • UA Little RockPurchasing Department
  • UA Little Rock Student Services
  • UA Little Rock Health Services
  • UA Little Rock IT Services
  • UA Little Rock Office of Communications
  • Little Rock Office of Emergency Services
  • Arkansas Department of Emergency Management
  • Arkansas Department of Health
State of Emergency:
 This situation exists when an emergency event has resulted in a substantial disruption of university functions and is likely to be long term and it becomes necessary, for continuity of normal operations and/or the well being of the university community to modify/alter normal functions, established procedures and/or policies without submitting to a formal process.
Emergency Event Support Center (CISC):
 The Support Center is the location selected by the Emergency Response Team to be used by them or their designee to develop responses and manage the recovery process related to a long term crisis situation. The ERT will determine the hours of operations of the CISC and how it will be staffed. Those staffing the CISC will be in continuous communication with the Emergency Operation Center operated by the UA Little Rock Police Department.
Emergency Operations Center:
The EOC will be located at the UA Little Rock Police Department where all information flows into and out to the scene of the incident.

  • Incident Commander: The person at the scene of the emergency event who would also be in charge of the emergency response. Different individuals will take on the role of Incident Commander depending on the type of crisis and level of severity.
  • Unified Command: Shared decision-making responsibilities among multiple agencies responding to an emergency event.
  • NIM: National Incident Management System. A national strategy for coordinating a response to emergency events.