Violent Incident

Violent incidents include but are not limited to acts of terrorism, assaults, and incidents of workplace violence that can occur on the university campus with little or no warning.

It should be noted that the following instructions are intended for incidents that are of an emergency nature (i.e., imminent or having just occurred).

Immediate Action

Emergency situations should be reported to law enforcement by dialing, 501-916-3400, or 911 or pick up an E-phone. If 911 is called, inform them you are on the UA Little Rock campus and ask them to notify the UA Little Rock Police Department.

Be prepared to provide as much information as possible, such as the following:

  • What is happening
  • The location
  • Who is involved
  • How many are involved
  • Type of weapon(s) involved, if any
  • Your name and address

Taking the time to provide such information will not delay law enforcement response. Complete information may allow them to handle the matter more effectively.

The UA Little Rock Emergency Alert System will be activated that will include initial instructions.
If firearms are involved, move away from windows, close and lock or barricade the door, and sit against the wall away from the armed suspect. Wait for confirmation that the danger is over before leaving the locked room.

  • If outside, take cover and move to a place of safety as soon as it is safe to do so. Move away from the sound of gunfire and/or disturbance. Assist others to move to safety if possible. Call 911, 501-916-3400 or pick up an E-phone once you are clear of the danger zone.
  • Answer questions by emergency responders regarding location of suspect or victims.
  • Follow the instructions of emergency responders.
  • Supervisors will account for their staff at the earliest opportunity. Develop an office plan that designates a post-incident meeting place to account for all personnel.
  • Instructors will attempt to account for their students at the earliest opportunity. Students should be encouraged to stay in place in the secured room until confirmation is received that the danger is over.
  • Residents of campus housing should lock their door and remain inside until the danger is over.
Decision Maker(s)

The decision to call in additional law enforcement agencies will be made by the Incident Commander.

The Incident Commander will decide when the all-clear signal can be given.

Subsequent Procedures/Information
  • Press conferences will be held to ensure accurate information is given to the public.
  • The university web page will post current updates to keep the campus community informed as the incident progresses and will have important post-incident information.
  • The university will begin the process of offering counseling services for students, staff and faculty.
  • A post-incident debriefing will be held to evaluate the university response.